Steve Spangler joins Lands’ End and Penguin Random House to Inspire Children with Fun Science Activities


Arousing a child’s curiosity about science can be a challenge, especially during the summer, but a new partnership offers fun activities to inspire and engage them.

Lands’ End, Steve Spangler Science and Brightly, of Penguin Random House, are working together to provide do-it-yourself science experiments, book recommendations, an art contest and exclusive T-shirts on Thursdays through Aug. 31.

Parents and children can log on to

“I’m excited to share some of my favorite DIY experiments families can do at home this summer as part of the #LoveLearning campaign,” said Steve Spangler, Emmy award-winning television host and science education expert, in a news release.

Parents and children can showcase their passion for science with a photograph or video using the #LoveLearning and #LandsEndKids hashtags on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to compete for a chance to win a Big Bag of Science Kit.

Book recommendations featuring favorite characters, such as EllRay Jakes, Dory Fantasmagory and Bea Garcia, will be provided by Brightly.

Therese Umerlik | Editor