Online Service Helps Families Care for Adults with Serious Health Conditions


Millions of Americans provide care for ill, frail or elderly family members while working and parenting.

To manage this complex web of care responsibilities, Family Caregiver Alliance has launched CareJourney, an online service that maneuvers users through various topics, including legal and financial issues, health conditions, in-home assistance or out-of-home resources, self-care, communication with health practitioners, and training on care tasks.

The website is “one of the first secure, online delivery systems specifically designed for long-term caregivers, who have little time, limited resources and are under great stress. At the same time, [the FCA is]able to access data, look at outcomes and set benchmarks for additional services,” said FCA Executive Director Kathleen Kelly in a news release.

To join this online community, users must enter an email address, password and ZIP code. After the user’s membership is confirmed, they must answer 10 questions. Once completed, the member receives a customized dashboard with information and resources that comply with HIPAA.

The FCA is a national nonprofit caregiver support organization based in San Francisco.

Therese Umerlik | Editor