Maryland Craft Beers to Enjoy with Your Crab Feast


by Christa Emmer | Contributing Writer

What’s a crab feast without beer! Maryland has a burgeoning brewery industry producing a large number of craft brews that will go great with all of the crabs you eat this summer.

Feed the Monkey
Jailbreak Brewing Co. in Laurel

Feed the Monkey is a German-style hefeweizen brew with oranges offering just a slight hint of banana and cloves. This light crisp flavor makes it great to consume on a hot day and a welcome distraction to opening crabs.

Blood Orange Neon Gypsy
DuClaw Brewing Co. in Baltimore

If you’re looking for something a little more substantive to drink with crab, try the Blood Orange Neon Gypsy. This IPA is infused with blood orange juice and packs a nice punch. Its flavor profile includes hints of grapefruit, citrus and pine from a blend of seven hops.

Heavy Seas in Halethorpe

TropiCannon is a brand new offering from Heavy Seas, a citrusy IPA with a heavier ABV (alcohol by volume) and complex mix of hops. The citrus favor of TropiCannon is amped up by the addition of lemon, grapefruit and orange peels.

Good Company Pale Ale
Calvert Brewing Co. in Upper Marlboro

Awarded a gold medal at the 2016 Raise a Glass International Beer Competition, Good Company Pale Ale goes well with almost everything. This rich pale ale with its citrusy and dry earthy flavors will cut the spice from the Old Bay without overpowering the blue crab.

Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale
Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick

Crabs are seasoned with Old Bay and that goes without saying. But what about beer? Flying Dog Brewery has created a summer seasonal brew that will hit the spot for every Old Bay lover. Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale is made from Old Bay and a proprietary blend of citrus hops. This recipe translates into a crisp, tart beer that complements blue crabs, shrimp and the like.