July National Ice Cream Month, Farmers Share Story


The Maryland Soybean Board promotes the return of National Ice Cream Month and an excuse to explore Maryand’s Best Ice Cream Trail.


Chuck Fry is a fourth generation dairy farmer.

Maryland residents have a reason to celebrate July, the return of National Ice Cream Month and an excuse to explore Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail.

One ice cream shop featured on the trail is Rocky Point Creamery, owned by dairy farmers, Chuck and Paula Fry. Located in Tuscarora, Md., this creamery offers a variety of ice cream flavors made fresh from the family’s dairy cows.

“Our cows are our number one priority,” says Chuck Fry. “From the high-quality feed they receive, to the superior veterinarian and herdsman care, to the clean and open housing, each cow is treated with respect.”

One of the high quality foods that the cows at Rocky Point Farm turn into delicious ice cream is fresh ground and roasted soybeans.

“We plant and harvest 500 acres of soybeans a year,” says Fry. “Roasting and grinding the soybeans as we use them benefits our cows. It helps retain the good oil in the cows’ food and helps them to produce premium milk.”


Chuck Fry plants and harvest 500 acres of soybeans a year.

Maryland farmers grow about a half a million acres of soybeans every year, harvesting between 16 to 20 million bushels that are used to feed poultry and livestock. According to the United Soybean Board, animal agriculture in Maryland represents $2.4 billion in economic output, $394 million in household income, and 14,300 jobs. In addition, it yielded an estimated $99 million in income taxes and $48 million in property taxes.

Rocky Point Creamery opened their doors in 2011, but Chuck is a fourth generation dairy farmer.

“Getting your hands dirty keeps you connected with the land and it keeps you real. Being able to share a little slice of that with our customers is wonderful,” says Fry. “Besides, ice cream is a happy food – who can stay in a bad mood when there’s fresh, homemade ice cream to be had?”

Fry is the President of the Maryland Farm Bureau and a member of the American Farm Bureau Board.

To visit Rocky Point Creamery and learn more about the Fry dairy farm, click over to the Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail. To learn more about soybeans and how they are used on Maryland farms, visit http://www.mdsoy.com.

About Maryland Soybean Board: The Maryland Soybean Board administers soybean checkoff funds for soybean research, marketing and education programs in the state. One-half of the checkoff funds stay in Maryland for programs; the other half is sent to the United Soybean Board. To learn more about the Maryland Soybean Board, visit http://www.mdsoy.com.

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