Introducing A Towering Success For Your Dinner Table Centerpiece


Introducing A Towering Success For Your Dinner Table Centerpiece This Christmas By The Smart Baker

Cute and delicious, cupcakes make the perfect mouthful.

December, 2014

Holiday_Tree_Photo_3__84208.1412798170.1280.1280With the holiday season just around the corner and Christmas planning already underway, The Smart Baker brings to you an exciting novel idea for a limelight grabbing dinner table centerpiece. ‘Frothy, creamy cupcake creations is always a treat for the eyes and the perfect decor enhancement for a Christmas buffet’ says Daniel Rensing, co-founder of The Smart Baker.

‘Create Your Own Tower’, a customizable cupcake stand brought to you by The Smart Baker is an ideal accessory to showcase your creative talents among friends, family and associates. You can experiment with old favorites, blend in yummy new flavors and add exciting finishing touches such as stars, a snowman or frothy snow on top of your colorful Christmas cupcake creations using the customizable smart cupcake tower from The Smart Baker. There is no limit on the catchy ideas to work on with a customizable cupcake tower at your disposal. Co-founder and a formidable force behind the innovative product line of The Smart Baker, Stephanie Rensing says that stacking delicious cupcakes on a cupcake tower is a popular concept and a must for any special event or holiday. It is also uniquely customizable as there are so many ways of presenting a feast for the eyes that makes every one of those towers extra special and just right for many occasions from corporate functions, wedding, birthdays to seasonal events.

The website features a considerable number of pre-defined options to match different customer requirements. Specifications range from number of tiers, tower shapes, tier spacing, tier sizes and top tier designs help you design a customized cupcake tower with your signature style. The Smart Baker is also open to new ideas and looks forward to working with customers in formulating their requirements into viable products. Whether you order a cupcake tower as per your requirements and design or pick one from the extensive gallery featured in the company website, The Smart Baker will undertake customizable manufacturing solutions and worldwide shipping.

The Smart Baker has, over the years, introduced a range of ground breaking bakery products, specializing in the housewares product market. The company has an expanding cache of success stories among which many of you would remember The Smart Baker’s Cheat Sheet Apron which received massive popularity after it was first featured in the Food Network Magazine. Much of the company’s success stems from an inspirational motto which says all its products are aimed at making others become better bakers. The official blog of The Smart Baker is a massive source of inspiration for those seeking new ideas and creative stimulus for their delicious concoctions.

If you are heading into the official website of The Smart Baker make sure to look through the range of other innovative bakery solutions including the popular Pre-Cut Parchment Paper, which has become a baking staple for those in the food industry. Each product from The Smart Baker comes with a guarantee of effective variations and high efficiency and they are designed to make your delectable creation the icing on your next special occasion.

Source: (24-7PressRelease)