Horizon Goodwill Gives Back to School Shopping Tips


Saving money and time is important when you are back to school shopping for your kids and Horizon Goodwill is helping by giving some good advice.

August 1, 2016 It may feel as though summer just began, but the back-to-school shopping season has already started. Many families will wait until the last minute to shop for clothes, backpacks, accessories, and supplies. These parents face empty shelves, long checkout lines, and disappointed children. To help, Horizon Goodwill provides useful back-to-school shopping tips.

CEO, John McCain said, “If you are looking for kids clothing, be sure to give yourself enough time to go through the racks. You never know what hidden treasures you can find in between other items.” Giving yourself extra time to search will also alleviate the stress of rushing around trying to find the right clothing or school supplies before your next appointment.

While shopping, ask about discounts. Horizon Goodwill stores offer sales such as 99-cent color tags, which vary from week to week. Ask an employee or visit Horizon Goodwill’s Facebook and Twitter pages to begin hunting for savings. “We are always looking for ways to help our customers save money,” says Horizon Goodwill CEO John McCain. “Today’s economy often requires us, as consumers, to compare and research the best offers. We aim to have the best prices throughout the four-state.”

Never assume that clothes will fit. If your kids are with you, have them try on the clothing. If you don’t bring them, take their measurements. Remember that sizes can vary between brands and items will sometimes shrink.

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