Home projects perfect for staycationers


The “staycation” was a concept many first acquainted themselves with when the economy started to struggle and men and women were forced to tighten their belts. In lieu of trips overseas or family trips to popular tourist destinations, many men and women opted to stay home and save their money.

While the idea of a staycation makes practical sense, many found that idling away a week of hard-earned vacation at home could grow somewhat boring after a few days. But whether a staycation is a week-long escape from the office or a three-day weekend, homeowners can tackle a few projects around the house to turn their time at home into one marked by productivity instead of boredom.

* Add a splash of color. One of the easiest and most effective ways to give a home a new look is to repaint the home’s interior. Such a project can be a small-scale undertaking focusing on one or two rooms in the house or a more ambitious exercise in which more lived-in rooms like a family room and/or kitchen are given an entirely new color scheme. When removing old paint, consider using sanding pads to make the task easier than the days or yore, when paint was often tediously scraped off of walls with a putty knife. Parents on staycation can even involve the whole family in their painting project, allowing youngsters to choose new colors for their rooms and do a little work with the paintbrush as well.

* Say farewell to old faucets. Faucets have a unique way of making bathrooms appear dated. But vanity faucets can quickly and easily be replaced so long as the main problem is appearance and not plumbing. Homeowners who suspect potential plumbing problems with sinks should seek a consultation with a professional before replacing vanity faucets. Once the go-ahead has been granted, homeowners can spend a weekend or a day or two during their staycation replacing vanity faucets around the home. Though the project might seem small, it can yield dramatic and aesthetically appealing results.

* Consider some eco-friendly updates. Homeowners who live in older homes might be able to turn their time away from the office into an exercise in going green around their homes. Eco-friendly updates, which can include replacing old air conditioners with newer, more efficient models or replacing older toilets with more newer models designed to conserve water, may even earn homeowners tax breaks and will almost certainly lead to lower utility bills. Additional eco-friendly and easy home improvement projects that can be tackled in a day or two include replacing inefficient and wasteful water fixtures and installing a programmable thermostat that makes it easier to control heating and cooling costs and conserve energy.

* Stain the garage floor. Many homeowners treat their garages as a workspace, and as a result garages tend to be ignored when making cosmetic changes. Staining the garage floor can clear away any oil spots and paint stains that may have accumulated over the years, and a clean and well-maintained garage can increase a home’s resale value.

Staycations have grown increasingly popular over the last half decade, as many homeowners are opting to forgo costly vacations in favor of staying home to pad their nest eggs. While it’s important for staycationers to squeeze in some rest and relaxation, it also can be beneficial to tackle a few projects around the house during time away from the office.