Fill Snow Days with Activities and Fun


Snow days may be coveted by kids (and teachers), but they may not be as beloved by parents who are unaccustomed to having kids home during the week. But just because snow days are unexpected, that does not mean parents can’t plan for them.

• Establish a snow day plan. Parents who cannot take days off from work will need a contingency plan for snow days. Organize a snow day club, wherein school parents rotate taking children for the day. Working parents can reciprocate by taking the school kids on a weekend and letting the other parents have a “date night.”

• Create a snow day entertainment bin. Rather than having kids spend the day watching television or playing on their tablets, parents can establish a snow day entertainment bin to encourage their kids to make the most of the day off. The bin can include board games, books, building block sets, paints, and other crafts.

• Plan for an indoor picnic. Kids will probably want to spend a portion of the day playing out in the snow. After all of that physical activity, they’re bound to be famished. Spread a blanket out on the living room floor and enjoy a picnic of sandwiches, snacks and hot chocolate. Kids will enjoy the novelty of eating this way.

• Get cooking. A snowy day is a great time to prepare meals for the rest of the week, as well as tinker with hearty, belly-filling recipes. Older children can help with cutting vegetables and meats, while younger kids can add seasonings to pots and mix ingredients. Involve the kids in choosing which meals to cook. Baking bread is another fun activity and enables kids to sculpt dough and then eat the fruits of their labors.

• Go the movies. If roads are passable, consider a trip to the movie theater, where you can enjoy a matinee. Bring a few friends along and make it a fun-filled outing.

• Create snow art. Fill squeeze or squirt bottles with some water and food coloring. Allow kids to go out in the yard and create some pictures with the snow as their canvas.

• Catch up on cleaning. Cleaning may not be the most exciting snow day activity, but it might be the most productive. Children can spend time sorting through toys and belongings in their rooms.

• Take a nature walk. Grab those boots and insulated pants and head outdoors. A walk in the brisk air can boost spirits and introduce kids to the beauty of winter landscapes. Take the camera along and encourage kids to snap pictures of their favorite vistas. -MC