Click Map and See How Maryland Ranks with Vaccinations


An interactive map shows the extent of vaccinations in a given state.

Developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the map allows the user to determine which and how often vaccinations are administered. Among the immunizations are the HPV vaccination. In Maryland, between 24 percent and 27 percent of teenage boys received three doses of this vaccine as opposed to teenage girls of whom between 39 percent and 43 percent were administered this shot’s three doses.

In addition, the map examines the main reasons for people not permitting themselves or their children to be vaccinated. In Maryland, the overwhelming reason given is because of religion. However, an exemption for medical reasons is asserted in West Virginia. Pennsylvanians avoid vaccinations mainly because of religious and philosophical reasons.

The AAFP strongly encourages everyone to be vaccinated to protect themselves and those whose health conditions prevent them from receiving vaccines.

“Vaccines are proven to be safe and effective, and they save lives,” said Dr. John Meigs Jr., AAFP president, in a news release.

“To protect public health, the AAFP strongly recommends that patients receive all necessary vaccinations in their primary care physician’s office. Forgoing immunization is reckless and endangers not only the health of children but the health of the entire public.”

Visit for patient education resources on specific immunizations.

Therese Umerlik | Editor