How the Caffeine in Your Coffee Helps Your Skin


by Christa Emmer | Contributing Writer

Coffee black, nonfat latte or a simple espresso contains that little buzz of caffeine that gets us out of bed and on with our day.

But did you know caffeine can also work some magic on your skin? Tired eyes, red blotchy skin and trouble spots on your hips and thighs are all skin issues that can benefit from nature’s pick-me-up, says Dr. Alan J. Parks, founder of DermWarehouse, a dermatologist-owned and -operated skin care and beauty website.

Caffeine in lotions and creams can help reduce swelling and inflammation, puffiness under the eyes, and cellulite. These effects, however, disappear when the products are no longer used, he added.

A late night and even earlier morning can do a number on your eyes. Dr. Susie Wang’s 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream is made with green coffee extract that increases circulation and eases fluid retention, helping to eliminate puffiness and dark circles. Rose hip oil and anti-aging vitamins moisturize and reduce wrinkles. Plus it smells really good!

If your skin is plagued by redness, rosacea or allergies, try Berry Happy Cleansing Wipes from Pacifica. These natural fiber wipes remove dirt and makeup, bathing skin with a mix of cleansing coconut water, hydrating arctic root, endorphin-promoting rhodiola root and caffeine. No need to rinse, just wipe and revel in the results.

Heading to the beach but haven’t had time to hit the gym? Try Sit Tight 4-D by Soap & Glory. This innovative cream is designed to work while you are sitting. Essential oils moisturize the skin while micro encapsulated ingredients including caffeine firm your hips and thighs. In an independent trial, 54 people said their skin felt firmer in 14 days. Sit Tight 4-D also has a tri-ball applicator that promotes circulation.

Caption: Berry Happy Cleansing Wipes. Photo courtesy of Pacifica.